Clepsydra - Centre for the Digitalisation of Cultural Heritage was founded at the end of 2006 as a result of a homonym project that was financed by the operational program 'Information Society' of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Clepsydra is accommodated in the current installations of the Cultural and Educational Technology Institute (C.E.T.I.), of the Research Centre 'Athena', in the city of Xanthi.

It is focused on the digitisation, preservation, management, promotion and dissemination of our cultural heritage. It is specialised on digitising and recording artefacts from different time periods. Its infrastructure can fullfill the 2D and 3D digitization needs of Greece and of all neighbour countries. The skilled personnel can run digitization projects from the initial stages of planning up to the implementation and completion stages.

The digitization centre is available for any public or private cultural heritage institution, collectors, and private individuals providing specialised and qualitative services. Clepsydra promotes the digitisation technologies by participating in research projects and scientific conferences. Additionally, it is supported by the Archaeometry Laboratory, the Multimedia Unit and the Cultural Heritage Unit of CETI in order to form a complete integrated digitisation unit.

Clepsydra enhances the existing digital archive of our cultural treasure and at the same time contributes in documentation, management and promotion through modern mediums and technologies. It's main goals are not only to be competitive towards similar digitisation centres but also to evolve into a prestigious and pioneering international digitisation centre.