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About Clepsydra

Clepsydra was founded in 2006 as a result of a homonym national funded research and development project. The laboratory is accommodated in the premises of the Athena Research and Innovation Centre in Xanthi, Greece and it is focused on the digitisation, archiving, visualisation, management, promotion and dissemination of digital replicas derived mainly from the cultural heritage domain. Its personnel is composed of active researchers and specialised scientists with multidisciplinary backgrounds. For over a decade Clepsydra has worked in close collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Department and the Archaeometry and Physicochemical Measurements Laboratory of the Athena Research Centre composing an integrated interdisciplinary environment capable of handling a vast range of R&D challenges that have strong impact in the cultural heritage domain. It holds an EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system for 3D digitisation services. Its current infrastructures consist of commercial and in-house developed experimental and hybrid digitisation systems. More specifically, it includes one of the three available in Europe, non-portable, 3D laser scanning triangulation systems that is based on white-laser technology, time-of-flight terrestrial LIDAR, adaptable automated portable 3D colour digitisation systems for movable objects that are based on professional photographic/lighting equipment and automated turntables, structure-light 3D scanners, multispectral cameras, projection units, video/sound editing systems and book scanners.

Some of the most prestigious terrestrial/aerial 3D digitisation projects involve monuments that are included in UNESCO’s lists. Some of these are: Paleochristian and Byzantine Monuments of Northern Greece (Church of the Holy Apostles, Church of Panagia Acheiropiitos, Rotonda of Galerius), Archaeological Museum Delphi (The Charioteer, Sphinx of Naxos, The omphalos of the earth, Acanthus Column), Delphi archaeological site (Ancient Theatre), Exekias pottery (UZH). Other large-scale digitisation projects are: Monastery of Panagia Kosmosotira (Feres), Monastery of Panagia Kalamou, Immaret, Kutuklu Baba Tekkesi, Archaeological site of Abdera, Old towns of Xanthi, Kavala,Serres,Argostoli and Drama (Saint Barbara springs area), Byzantine Castle of Kavala.

What we offer

2D/3D Digitisation

Aerial and terrestrial 2D/3D digitisation services supported by commercial and in-house built methodologies and data collection automations for small-to-very-large scale assets.

Digital Replica Generation

Production of high quality 3D digital replicas enriched (annotated) with on-surface mapped physicochemical properties.

3D Reconstructions

Virtual 3D/2D photorealistic reconstructions of small-to-very-large scale assets based on architectural, historical, archaeological and other documentation sources.


Assets dissemination through Virtual Reality, Augemented Reality, mobile and Web-based applications.


Photorealistic and non-photorealistic visualisation/rendering of 3D digital assets for replicas.

Shape Analysis

Data processing, knowledge extraction, documentation, virtual and/or actual restoration through 3D printing.

Digital Repositories

Storing and managing digital assets with automated categorisation, data annotation, indexing, retrieval & interactive visualisation.

Bespoke Software Tools

Software development focused on domain specific challenges by exploiting computer graphics / vision, machine learning and data annotation technologies.

Experimental Hardware Development

Custom 2D/3D data collection automations development based on various electronic prototyping platforms.

Our Team

Anestis Koutsoudis

Computer Scientist
Research Director

George Pavlidis

Electrical and Computer Engineer
Research Director

Nestor Tsirliganis

Nuclear Physicist
Research Director

Despoina Tsiafaki

Research Director

Chairi Kiourt

Electrical Engineer
Assistant Researcher

Konstantinos Stavroglou

Electrical and Computer Engineer
System Administrator

Fotis Arnaoutoglou

Software Engineer
Research Associate

George Alexis Ioannakis

Rural and Surveying Engineer
Assistant Researcher

Petros Pistofidis

Computer and Software Engineer
Research Associate

Vasilios Liakopoulos

Drone Specialist
Research Associate

Just some work samples

Small Scale 3D Digitisation

A small sample of digitisation works

Medium Scale Monument 3D Digitisation

Church of the Holy Apostles

Large Scale Monument 3D Digitisation

Monastery of Panagia Kalamou

Statue 3D Digitisation

Acanthus Column - Dancers

3D Content-based retrieval and shape matching

3D Pottery Search Engine

Data Processing

Virtual reassembly and completion

Urban Areas Digitisation

3D Semantic Segmentation

Experimental Hardware

Multispectral 8-band camera


Performance evaluation Tools

More work samples can be found here...


Clepsydra provides integrated solutions for both 2D and 3D digitisation projects. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures high-quality results and at the same time offers alternative approaches in order to handle challenging projects.
The infrastructure is composed by both commercial and custom systems. For the implementation of 3D digitisation projects, Clepsydra offers: white laser technology CMM-based scanner for movable objects, articulated measuring arm monochrome laser scanner, automated photogrammetry-based digitisation systems, long range LIDAR technology scanner, structured-light scanners, book, film and microfilm scanners, DSLR cameras (>40MPixels), drones, multispectral cameras and a wide range of automations that allow the digitisation of various types and sizes of objects. Those can be found in the following categories : artefacts, monuments, temples, statues, busts, urban areas, archaeological sites, excavations, tools, machinery, music instruments, jewels, manuscripts, printed documents, books, costumes, manuscripts, printed documents, books, photographs, negatives, films, paintings and works of art, audiovisual material.

More about our infrastructure...


Ministry of Culture and Sports   Delphi Archaeological Museum   Archaeological Museum of Abdera   Archaeological Museum of Arta   Folk Museum of Xanthi   5th Ephorate of Βyzantine antiquities   9th Ephorate of Βyzantine antiquities   Xanthi Ephorate of Antiquities   Rhodope Ephorate of Antiquities   Institut für Archäologie (UZH) Zurich   The Cyprus Institute   Karabournaki AUTH excavation site    University of California   ETF Sarajevo University   National Technical University of Athens   Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Democritus University of Thrace   University of Aegean   Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia   Municipality of Xanthi Prefecture of Xanthi   Democritus University of Thrace   Holy Metropolises of (Xanthi and Peritheorio, Alexandroupolis, Traianoupolis & Samothrace, Drama, Zihnon & Nevrokopiou, Neapolis and Stavroupolis, Nevrokop-Bulgaria)   Prefecture of Drama   Prefecture of Kavala   Epigraphic Museum   Arcalia   Sofistik   Terracom   Mobics   Mentor   Ephorate of Antiquities of West Attica   Integrated Systems Laboratory / IIT - Demokritos

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